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You can wake up Raoul for a nice beer. With the rise of many craft breweries in recent years, his taste has developed from drinking a lot of beer to drinking a lot of good beer. Among other things by visiting breweries and beer festivals, he has a lot of experience in tasting beers and knows what different flavors are available.

"In the past 10 years I have built the tradition of not drinking alcohol during the fasting period, between Carnival and Easter. And in recent years I have been more and more surprised by the ever improving alcohol-free and poor beers. There has been a recognized development of tasty brews with 0.5% alcohol or less. Fortunately, renowned breweries such as Mikkeller from Copenhagen and the Scottish Brewdog take this branch of sport quickly to a higher level. "

"My mission is to introduce everyone to the tastiest non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers from around the world."

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Janine Driessen  (right hand of Raoul)
Janine runs the OnderNulPuntVijf webshop operationally. From photographing beers and packing the orders to writing the newsletters and philosophizing about the best marketing strategy: she is at home in all markets. Since 2022, it has also become her mission to let as many people as possible taste non-alcoholic beer and she is committed to spreading their joint mission together with Raoul.

"My love for alcohol-free started during Dry January in 2020. I found out that there were so many (good) substitutes for alcohol that I decided to take dry January for a while and change my mindset.  broadening knowledge by tasting alcohol-free as much as possible. Now I no longer see alcohol as 'normal' but I consciously choose when I drink. That doesn't happen very often anymore and I like it very much because I feel a lot fitter and happier. I also talk about it a lot with people around me and if I can inspire people, it makes me very happy.  


  I came into contact with Raoul and so we started looking together at what I could do for OnderNulPuntVijf. Now I enjoy working there and try as many people as possible  to facilitate their  choice to go alcohol-free more often."

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