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Delicious non-alcoholic beer delivered to your home every month!


Would you like to automatically receive the latest tasty non-alcoholic beers every month? Then we have two cool subscriptions for you. - Monthly non-alcoholic beer subscription (6 beers) For just €20 you will receive at least 6 beers from our range sent to your home. Perfect if you would like to try more non-alcoholic beers, but don't want to pay the full price.  ​- Monthly non-alcoholic beer subscription (8-12 beers) For only €40 including shipping costs you get between 8 and 12 beers delivered to your home for free every month. Always the latest beers! With something tasty or a nice gadget. For the real alcohol-free beer geeks ;)  Curious about what is included in both packages? Watch this video of the new beer subscription!  More information: - Cancellation or temporary termination can be done by sending us a simple email or message. So you can also try it out to see if it is something for you. - Payment can be made via credit card or direct debit (NEW).

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