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Freedl is a family business and microbrewery in the middle of the Alps: in South Tyrol! in 2019 they were the first craft brewery in Italy to specialize in brewing alcohol-free. 

They prefer to source their ingredients in the Alps. In co-creation with renowned beer institutions, they have developed a process to brew unconventional beers with a clean design.

They brew at Pfefferlechner Hausbrauerei in Lana, South Tyrol.


Italy is not only known for their delicious cuisine. They can also brew beer, and that proves itbrewery FREEDL from the Italian Alps does. Their range of specialty beers excel in exciting flavors and aromas, including fresh citrus and spicy basil. At ONP5 we believe it: you don't know what you taste ;-) Salute of cin cin with the non-alcoholic beers from FREEDL.

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