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Tastings and drink packages

(contact or +31 6 4520 9186)


We provide tastings for companies, groups of friends or family parties. This can be done online, but of course also on location. For an online event, we send all participants a package with beer and snacks. Raoul or Janine will guide you through the tasting of the beers and we will tell you the stories behind the beers.  

Of course we can also provide drink packages without you having to listen to us during the tasting 😉

"An alcohol-free beer tasting for the Werkfabriek community by  Raoul Van Neer was a great success. Taste delicious beers from Belgium, Estonia and Germany. Well-known and lesser-known, but above all beautiful beers. Then just go home by car and still completely fresh."

Ian Smeyers - The Work Factory

"Fun and affordable packages for our relations arranged for the conclusion of an online session. Everyone responded very enthusiastically."

Martijn Bekking - Grow a Pair


The taste wheel of Morten Meilgaard (nicked from the Bruutbier site)

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