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"It is our mission to introduce everyone to the tastiest non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers from around the world." 


Raoul van Neer, founder of ONP5


You can wake Raoul up for a nice beer. With the rise of the many craft breweries in recent years, his taste has developed from drinking a lot of beer to drinking a lot of tasty beer.


By visiting breweries and beer festivals, he has gained a lot of experience in tasting (including non-alcoholic) beers and he knows what different flavors are available. His network is unique and extends worldwide. That is also the reason why there is always so much good non-alcoholic beer available at OnderNulPuntVijf.


Quality and originality above all. 

Janine Driessen, operationeel manager ONP5


Since 2022, it has become her mission to let as many people as possible taste delicious non-alcoholic beer and, together with Raoul, she is committed to spreading their joint mission. An interview in the newspaper or on the radio, she doesn't shy away from anything and has a passion for the (non-alcoholic) beer industry. 

While Janine was at the forefront of OnderNulPuntVijf for two years, in 2024 she is more at the back ready to spar with the team about general developments and she remains one of the Netherlands' largest non-alcoholic beer enthusiasts.  

David Oskam, operational employee ONP5


Our always cheerful David has been working at OnderNulPuntVijf since 2021. He packs your orders with love, ensures that our shop always looks great and knows quickly where all the beers can be found on the shelves.

Since this year, David has also increasingly delved into product photography. When he is not at work, he can be found on the football field. His athletic fitness and muscles are of course useful for this job. 

Bas, master inpakker bij ONP5


Bas joined our team in 2023.


This real Hagenees prefers to be found in the gym, but also every day at ONP5.

He packs orders and ensures that the store always looks tidy.


Bas studies Marketing at the same time and also likes to drink a non-alcoholic beer, as you can see in this photo.

Manon Steenbergen, website onderhoud & SEO optimalisatie


Manon has been working at OnderNulPuntVijf as a freelance content creator since the beginning of 2023. 

She not only ensures that the website looks sleek at the front, but also works well technically at the back. In addition, as an SEO copywriter, she focuses on optimizing our texts and increasing our online visibility, so that even more people can become acquainted with ONP5 online.

In her spare time she likes to be underwater as a diver, and once on dry land she most enjoys a nice non-alcoholic specialty beer.

Raoul van Neer, de oprichter van ONP5



"Over the past 10 years I have built up the tradition of not drinking alcohol during the Lenten period, between Carnival and Easter. And in recent years I have been more and more surprised by the increasingly better non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers. There is a recognized development of tasty brews with 0.5% alcohol or less. Fortunately, renowned breweries such as Mikkeller from Copenhagen and the Scottish Brewdog are quickly taking this sport to a higher level."   



"My love for alcohol-free started during dry january in 2020. I discovered that there were so many (good) substitutes for alcohol that I decided to continue dry january for a while and change my mindset. I also broadened my knowledge by tasting alcohol-free as much as possible. Now I no longer see alcohol as 'normal' but I consciously choose when I drink. That doesn't happen that often anymore and I really like it because I feel a lot fitter and happier. I'm talking about it I also share a lot with the people around me and if I can inspire people, that makes me very happy. 
I came into contact with Raoul and we started looking together at what I could do for OnderNulPuntVijf. I worked full-time at OnderNulPuntVijf for two years and am proud and satisfied where we are now. I will always remain involved with OnderNulPuntVijf!


Janine Driessen, operationeel manager bij ONP5
David Oskam, operationeel medewerker bij ONP5



When I started at OnderNulPuntVijf, the store was not yet a store because OnderNulPuntVijf had just moved to Scheveningen. So I immediately saw a nice challenge to build everything together with Raoul so close to home. I think the growth is great to see. I am sporty myself and am therefore a big supporter of non-alcoholic beer, it is one big voyage of discovery and I am amazed at how much choice there is. The work is always challenging and much more fun than stocking shelves at Albert Heijn! :) and with such a great team, the enjoyment of work only increases!


I had been looking for a new job that could suit me for a while. When I came across this, I immediately knew I was going to like it. While working I also learn a lot about the beers and I can tell more and more about them to the customer. 

Through the marketing & communication that I follow, I can apply and learn a lot in this profession. When packing, I have to work in a structured manner, so that no orders are mixed up and ultimately delivered incorrectly. In addition to packing, I exercise a lot, and when you're packing, you also take a lot of steps.


Bas, master inpakker bij ONP5
Manon Steenbergen, content creator bij ONP5


My first experience with ONP5 was in 2020 after ordering a Dry January beer package. While I appreciated a nice non-alcoholic beer at the time, that package was the decisive factor in drinking less specialty beer with alcohol. I love craft beers, but I soon discovered that they don't have to contain a (high) alcohol percentage to be tasty.


At the beginning of 2023, I took a different approach and took my courage. As my own entrepreneur, I would like to work for smaller companies that I have an affinity with. I therefore decided to contact Raoul and Janine to see if we could help each other professionally. More than a year has now passed and as a freelance content creator I focus on optimizing website functionality, user experience, texts and SEO. And that leaves you wanting more!




Since the beginning of 2020 we have been selecting the tastiest non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers for you. We have a wide range of beers from different countries. Our non-alcoholic beer comes from Poland, Great Britain and the United States, among others. We have also selected a number of tasty non-alcoholic beers from Scandinavia and Germany. But of course there is also very tasty non-alcoholic beer from the Netherlands.

For example, we offer beer from breweries such as VandeStreek from Utrecht, Jopen from Haarlem and Lowlander from Amsterdam. Brulo and Big Drop come from England and Athletics and WellBeing are available from the United States. Other "regular" suppliers are Lervig from Norway, To Øl from Denmark, Omnipollo from Sweden and Funky Fluid from Poland. We only offer you the tastiest beers and have tasted all beers ourselves before we have allowed them in our webshop. That way we know what we sell and we can advise you well when making a choice.

You can choose from a large number of different types and flavors. We have blond beers and IPAs, but also Stout and Porter beer. There are Single Hop IPAs available and Double Dry Hopped IPAs. We have fruit beers, Sours and Gose beer. In short, a lot of choice.  

we help  happy to help you make that choice. You can app, email or call us, after which we can provide you with good advice.

Finally, you can read background and facts about non-alcoholic beer in our blog every week. For example, how it is made, that non-alcoholic beer is healthy and how best to taste it. If you have any tips for topics for our blog, we'd love to hear it. And do let us know if you have ideas in another way to help us achieve our mission: to introduce as many people as possible to delicious non-alcoholic beer!

Enjoy and drink without moderation!


Thanks for sending!

Janine en David, team members van ONP5
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