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You don't want to miss these deals!

The shelf life of non-alcoholic beer is shorter than that of alcoholic beer. At ONP5 we think it is important that the beer you order can be kept for a while. This means that sometimes beers approach the best before date. We sell these at a discount via this page. Are beers past their best before? Then they go with ToGoodToGo! Incidentally, you can still drink beers that are past their THT date with confidence. You won't get sick of them, they just lose their taste a bit. In this article read more about the best way to store beer. And if you want to find out even more about the shelf life of beer, read this article 


Op zoek naar alcoholvrije biertjes voor een fijn prijsje? Die ga je sowieso vinden bij OnderNulPuntVijf. We hebben de beste scherp geprijsde alcoholvrije bieren op een rij gezet. Zo geniet je van een heerlijk 0,0% biertje, zonder dat je te diep in de buidel hoeft te tasten!

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