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BrewDog is one of the leaders in developing non-alcoholic beers. For example, since the beginning of this year they have a bar in London that only serves non-alcoholic beer (and other non-alcoholic drinks of course). They have 15 (!) non-alcoholic beers on tap.


The beers from BrewDog Brewery from Scotland are known for their distinctly hoppy character. This also applies to their non-alcoholic beers, up to a maximum of0.5% alcohol contain. Thisbrewery is one of the leaders when it comes to non-alcoholic beers. They even have a bar in London that serves exclusivelyalcohol-free beer is donated - cool right!

And one thing is certain: once you finish one, you will most likely want to open a second one. Check out all BrewDog beers below and cheers!

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