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All 0.0% (special) beers listed for you


Our webshop is of course full of beers with less than 0.5% alcohol, but what if you are really looking for completely alcohol-free? A real 0.0% beer? Do we have that? Of course OnderNulPuntVijf has that! To make it easy for you, you can find all 0.0% beers below.



At OnderNulPuntVijf we sell alcohol-free beers up to 0.5%. If you are looking for a beer that contains no alcohol at all, you have definitely come to the right place. We have added the tastiest alcohol-free 0.0% beers to our range. Enjoy!

Witte Parel 0,0% Witbier


The demand for drinks without alcohol (including 0.0 beer) is growing enormously. It is important to pay attention to the following difference: alcohol-free and low-alcohol. Non-alcoholic beer (in the Netherlands) is really 0.0% alcohol. So you can safely drink this before, during and after your pregnancy without it being harmful to the baby, but you can also drink this if you do not want or are not allowed to drink alcohol for other health reasons. Low-alcohol beer may still contain a few blood alcohol levels and is therefore not recommended.


So pay close attention to what is written on the label of the beer. If it says below 0.5%, you cannot automatically assume that the beer is 0.0. We recommend that you contact us or look at the beer brewer's website. If it really says 0.0, you can drink it with confidence. The taste is no less delicious if the beer is 0.0. Many major brewers now understand the value and profit of non-alcoholic beer and are therefore working hard to get their hands on the best recipe. 


This page lists all our beers that are 0.0, meaning they contain no alcohol at all. If the beer is not on this page, it may contain more than 0.0 percent. 

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