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Sustainability is in our DNA. In everything we do, we consider the extent to which it has an impact on the environment and how we can burden it as little as possible.

To this end, we have two initiatives that we actively support. For every order we ship, we plant a tree and if products reach their best-before date, we offer them via To Good To Go.

1 order = 1 tree = 314 kg CO2 absorption

It's very simple: for every order placed, we plant one tree. In this way we compensate for the CO2 emissions for sending the packages. The trees are planted in collaboration with partner Trees For The Future  and help, among other things, protect the soil, increase biodiversity and provide local employment.  

If you want to know how Trees For The Future works, watch this 19-minute film. And if you have more questions, be sure to contact us in cash.

We throw (almost) nothing away

It is possible that a beer from our shop has reached its best before date. Or that we get a can with a dent. Because these beers are simply very tasty, we don't want to just throw them away. For this we have entered into a partnership with To Good To Go. They have developed an app that offers delicious products that entrepreneurs have left over at the end of the day. They are then for sale at a low price.  

Keep an eye on our account in the app for great offers that you can pick up in our store. 


Cardboard recycling

We receive our beers in crates, which of course go back to the brewers, but also often in cardboard boxes. We try to use as many of these boxes as shipping boxes. This way we don't have to throw it away and we have to order fewer new shipping boxes. Which in turn contributes to a smaller ecological footprint.



Not all beers can be stored in our store on the Hellingweg. That is why we house some beers at our partner Hubbel. With their zero-emission service, we still get them delivered to us in a responsible manner.

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