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Your specialist in the best non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers

Lervig No Worries alcoholvrij bier ONP5


Since the beginning of 2020, we at OnderNulPuntVijf have been selecting the tastiest alcohol-free and0.5 beers for you. Our collection consists of a wide range of the bestnon-alcoholic beer from different countries.

Selecting thisnon-alcoholic beers Of course we don't just do that. We first taste all the beers ourselves and only allow the tastiest beers in our webshop. This way you not only enjoy the tastiest non-alcoholic beers, but this way we can advise you even better in making the right choice.

Curious? Check out our full range belowbest non-alcoholic beers!


Our enormous Product Range consists of a large number of different onestypes of beer with different tastes. For example, you choose0.0 IPAs,pilsners andblonde summer beers, but alsodark beers are fully present in our wide range.
You can't imagine anything so crazy: Single Hop and Double Dry HoppedIPAs,fruit beers,Sours and Gose beer - we have it! 


Alcoholvrij bierpakket bij ONP5
Northern Monk alcoholvrij bier


Our 0.0 beers come from the fattestbreweries out Poland,Britain andthe United States, but also outScandinavia andGermany we have fantastic onesnon-alcoholic beers in our catalogue. Of course, our own cold little country should not be missed: also the most delicious 0.0 and0.5 beers out The Netherlands you can find with us.  

We offer beers from from the region from Utrecht, Jopen from Haarlem and Lowlander from Amsterdam. From Britain we offer BrewDog and Big Drop and from the United States we have beers from Athletics and WellBeing. Other "regular" suppliers are Lervig from Norway, To ØI from Denmark, Omnipollo from Sweden and Funky Fluid out Poland.

Blog ONP5 Alcohol Free Beer Community

Want to know more about alcohol-free- and low-alcoholic beersIn our blog you will not only find information about the best non-alcoholic beers and how they are made, but also

how you can taste our beers and what exactly Dry January is. Here we explain the most important news and give you insights into the phenomenon 'Food Pairing x Special Beer'. 


Do you find it difficult to choose? No problem!

We help  help you make the right choice.

Come visit our store orsimply contact us.

Send us an app via WhatsApp, an email or feel free to call us with all your questionsalcohol-free beer.


Thanks for sending!

Janine & David van ONP5


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Of course you can order 24/7. We are available daily between 8 am and 8 pm and on Fridays you can visit us at 224 Hellingweg in The Hague (Scheveningen Haven).

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