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Dry January

Every year more people participate in Dry January. An initiative that started in Finland where it has been customary since the Second World War (see this blog ) to stop drinking for a month. Via England, where the term Dry January also comes from, it has blown over to the Netherlands. It's hard to say how many people are participating now.  We do know that more than 40,000 people had registered for the Dry January module of IkPas. An initiative that we wholeheartedly support.  

A few tips to help you get through Dry January (or any other alcohol-free period) more easily:

1. Seek out others who will quit right away. Always handy to share experiences and to catch each other if you unexpectedly feel like a drink.

2. Don't bring alcohol into your home, but do have tasty alternatives. If your liquor cabinet is up for grabs, put it somewhere else (for a while) and empty your fridge (temporarily). You can often store it in the shed or your basement or crawl space.  

3. Make it a matter of principle. Make sure that (temporarily) not drinking is a rule that you want to stick to in any case. That helps you to say NO more easily at a party or a drink and to keep your back straight if you crave (or think you crave after a long day at work).

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