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Deposit on cans in the Netherlands as of 1 April

You've perhaps already read or seen it: as of April 1, a deposit will be levied on cans in the Netherlands (no joke). A deposit on cans means that consumers pay a small amount (usually 15 Eurocents) when purchasing a can of soft drink or (alcoholfree) beer. They get that back when they return the empty can to a collection point. This stimulates the recycling of cans and reduces the amount of litter. In some countries, such as Germany and Norway, deposits on cans have already been introduced. And in the Netherlands this is the intention from 1 April 2023. From then on you can hand in deposit cans at approximately 17,000 collection points.

Some tins in our shop at ONP5 therefore have a deposit, but some tins do not (yet). You can recognize the cans with a deposit by the logo. If that is stated on a can, then you have paid a deposit and you can get it back by handing it in. If that logo is not on it (for example with exclusive foreign alcoholfree beers) then you do not pay a deposit and (therefore) you cannot get anything back. Of course we ask you to recycle the cans that you normally use and separate them from your paper, glass and green waste. Just like you probably already did and like you're used to doing with disposable bottles or empty wine bottles.

How does that work then? I hear you ask. The barcode of the alcoholfree beer cans with a deposit is registered in a national system of the National Statiegeld Foundation. The importer or brewer of the beer is responsible for this registration. The machine at the collection point will then recognize the barcode and will refund your paid deposit.

So it is best to remember: if there is a deposit logo on an alcoholfree beer can, you can hand it in. If this logo is not on it, there is a good chance that you have not paid a deposit, and therefore cannot get it back.

We have already settled the deposit that you pay for alcoholfree beer cans with the price you pay in our shop. You do not have to pay extra for this when you go to the checkout. So pay attention if you see cans with the logo. That means that there is a deposit on it.

You cannot return empty deposit cans to us. Of course you can bring empty alcoholfree beer cans to ONP5 in Scheveningen and we then ensure environmentally friendly processing of this packaging. However, at the moment we are not yet a formal return point, so we cannot refund your empty deposit cans yet.

If you have any questions about this, we will of course be happy to help you. You can always call us or send us an email.

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