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What exactly is Nitro Stout?

Nitro stout beer has gained significant popularity in recent years, with breweries worldwide experimenting with this unique brewing style. Nitro stout is distinguished by the use of nitrogen (nitro) instead of carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbonate the beer. This results in a creamy texture and a silky mouthfeel.

Examples of Nitro Stout are "Hard Pour" from vandeStreek, Guinness and recently also a collaboration between Mash Gang and Siren, the "Call of the Void". The Dutch VandeStreek Bier's "Hard Pour" is temporarily out of stock, but is an intriguing nitro stout that puts an innovative twist on this traditional beer category. VandeStreek's Hard Pour manages to create a lush foam head that slowly sinks into the beer, creating a visually appealing presentation. The taste of Hard Pour is an immersive experience of roasted malts, subtle chocolate notes and a hint of coffee. The nitro effect brings out these flavors in a unique way, taking the beer lover on a journey of complexity and refinement. The mouthfeel is silky soft and creamy, making every sip a pleasure for the senses.

As we enter the international nitro stout scene, Guinness is a name that does not go unnoticed. As the pioneer of nitro beer, Guinness has dominated the market for decades with its iconic Guinness Draught. And she has also introduced the Guinness 0.0 some time ago. This Irish beer is known for its smooth, velvety texture and distinctive flavor profile of roasted barley and light bitterness.

A fantastic Nitro Stout has also been created from England through the collaboration between Siren and Mash Gang: "Call of the Void". Chocolate, vanilla, Tonka beans and coffee fight for a place on the taste buds. Some even taste a bit of licorice in it. In any case, very complex and (therefore) greatly appreciated.

All three beers, the Hard Pour from VandeStreek, Call of the Void from Mash Gang and Guinness Draft, share the core qualities of nitro stout, but differ in nuances of taste and aroma. Where Hard Pour takes a bold approach with its roasted notes, Guinness Draft presents a more balanced profile with subtle bitterness. Mash Gang, on the other hand, looks for the complexity of the different flavors.

In conclusion, both VandeStreek's Hard Pour, Call of the Void by Mash Gang and Guinness Draft are compelling nitro stout options for dark beer lovers. Whether you prefer the Dutch innovation of Hard Pour, the timeless elegance of Guinness Draught, or the surprising taste of Mash Gang's Call of the Void, nitro stout remains a fascinating category that continues to evolve and surprise in the world of craft beer.

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