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Beer review by Speciaalbierwereld: Brulo Lust for Life 0.0

BBF Brulo… Can you become friends with a beer? Yes, why not… you can be friends with everything anyway. With a chip shop, a crane, an aphid or, if necessary, with people.

Peter Henry met zijn Brulo vriend

But why do I want this beer as a friend so badly? Well, Brulo's beers are something else, but never pompous. It is precisely the everyday that Brulo excels at. Like meeting up with them after a week of hard work. Instant fun, relaxation and a big smile on your face.

How does the Brulo - Lust for Life DDH IPA 0.0 taste?

In the Brulo – Lust for Life you can discover light citrus flavors and cheerful hop notes, which are followed by a long bitter. Now you expect a paragraph full of flavor notes, but in fairness this is pretty much it. I would like to add that the Brulo – Lust for Life is thirst-quenching and of course that it is tasty. Just the nice light feeling of a friendship. As if the beer wants to give you some advice: "well done man, now time for relaxation and a game of Mario Kart!"?

What do you combine with the Brulo – Lust for Life DDH IPA 0.0?

I can imagine that you want to snack or eat something with this beer. I would keep the food, like the beer, nice and fresh and light. A salad with Thai influences, a cozy white fish. Or for those who want to make something more exciting: a few years ago ceviche was a real trend. I think this light-hearted dish of fish in citrus juice will result in a frivolous combination.

About Brulo

Brulo was founded in Edinburgh in 2019 by James Brown (no, another one) with the aim of brewing beers with quality, high hops… and alcohol free! With Brulo, the boring non-alcoholic and poor beers are really a thing of the past.

Tasted & written by… Peter Henry Top!

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