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Does non-alcoholic beer make you drunk?

A question we would initially answer with no, but after some research we thought it would be fun to write something about this.

Being drunk, what is that?

"Being in a temporary state in which one's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of alcohol" (

So, according to the experts, to be drunk you must have alcohol in your blood and your behavior must change from your "normal" behavior.

When you drink 0.0% beer, no alcohol enters your blood. If you drink beer with a maximum percentage of 0.5% (normal consumption), then that is physically not enough to get you drunk. Yet there is an important twist..

When you drink alcohol, a happiness chemical is produced in your brain. Some kind of reward substance. This allows you to behave differently, but it also makes you a bit more relaxed. Scientists have discovered that this reward substance is also produced when you drink non-alcoholic beer. For that reason, it is not wise in all cases to drink non-alcoholic beer when you are struggling with an (ex) alcohol addiction. On the other hand, it is a nice extra for people who want to drink less, for example because they want to live a healthier life.

Relaxation of non-alcoholic beer

If a cold non-alcoholic rascal doesn't relax you enough, you can opt for a beer from Impossibrew. This English beer brand adds spices to their beer so that the drinker can relax better. It all started with Mark, a young beer lover who had to stop drinking due to health reasons. He looked for different alternatives to relax, to end up in that well-known alcohol daze. He came across a Japanese article from 1211 about relaxing herbs for body and mind. Although many told him that what he wanted to brew was "impossible", it didn't stop him. A number of years, awards and crew members later they bring a lager and pale ale to the market that makes you nice and "relaxed". Then you no longer have to visit the Holland and Barret, but just open an Impossibrew. Are you going to try? View Impossibrew's beers here.

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