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Mash Gang's: The Story Of Success

You must have noticed the success of the English brewery Mash Gang. That is why in this blog we will share some more information with you and give our personal view on the success of this group of friends from England.

One of their logo's. Can you read it? No, we neither. But we still know it is them.
One of their logo's. Can you read it? No, we neither. But we still know it is them.


Let's start at the beginning. Times of corona have arrived and the lock-down makes the world a lot different. It seems as if other parts of the brain have been touched in some. One creative project after another shot up. As well with this group of friends from England. They started brewing beer. Why? Because they could. They brewed 9 beers in 3 months (which is really a lot) and people wanted to buy more of it. It was that simple. It was never their intention to start a business but it has come so far and we are very happy that they did.

Non-alcoholic beer

To distinguish themselves from the rest and to respond to the niche market, they started brewing alcohol-free. They saw that more and more beautiful beers appeared on the market with alcohol percentages of 8% and higher. That had to be changed. Now they mostly brew beers with an alcohol percentage of 0.5%, but in collaboration with other breweries they also brew low alcoholic beers, for example, 2.5%

Phantom brewery

They call themselves a phantom brewery, which is really just a gypsy brewery. This means that they brew at other breweries and you often see this with starting beer brands. It is also often advantageous to take benefit from the knowledge of other breweries. For example, one brewery is good at brewing stouts, while another brewery is good at brewing sours. Joining forces is something we see more often and that works well. They mostly brew with Northern Monk in Leeds and Fierce Beer in Aberdeen.


Mash Gang has become a regular supplier of OnderNulPuntVijf. Mash Gang really touched us for several reasons.

1. Their non-alcoholic beer is distinctive from others

What we like about Mash Gang is that their non-alcoholic beers always have a clear concept. Whether it concerns sweets from the 90s or existing products such as chocolate milk or cake mix: they know how to develop these flavors well and combine them in their beers.

2. Their designs are amazing

In addition to the answer above: the designs also fit seamlessly with the concept of the beer. It's a total package. A story. A present. You see it, you want it. You taste it and you want to taste something else from them because you know that will too surprise you.

3. The variety in their collections is great

What we also like is that all styles are shown. Steady lagers, sours, double IPAs. They even come up with their own style if it does not exist yet. That is courageous, and a bit funny sometimes.

4. They are releasing beer after beer at a rapid pace

They respond nicely to a target group that likes to taste a beer, and then tastes another beer. Of course they also have some beers in their range that can be enjoyed multiple times, such as the Stoop Lagers or their RAD IPAs, but many beers are tasty once and make you want to move on to their next.

5. They make non-alcoholic beer cool

Let's get back to that concept. Whether it's their podcasts, merchandise, marketing stunts, their social media content. You just see that these people believe in what they do. They take the world with a grain of salt. That they love madness but also high-quality products. That's what makes a brand a stunning brand, and that's what makes us fans of Mash Gang.


Are there more Mash Gangs coming? Always. Here are the latest Mash Gangs on their way to us. We will of course update you guys when they are available. Cheers! Team ONP5

Rad Gold
Rad Gold

Stadium Craft
Stadium Craft

Curse night
Curse Night

Chug Gold
Chug Gold

*These are the Mash Gang beers that we sold so far: Neskveik, Stoop, Stoop Extra Dry, Mangonada, Cap'n Krunk, Cryo Pop Tarts, Paradigm Shift, ADHD, Tears, Sour Batch Hops, Get Wavy, Rad, Very Small Moose and Chug.

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