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Where does the (alcohol-free) Beer Advent Calendar come from?

We see it everywhere these days. Beer shops, breweries and even in the supermarket you will find the Beer Advent Calendar. OnderNulPuntVijf is selling an Alcohol-Free Beer Advent Calendar this year, so we went in search of where the phenomenon actually comes from.

It will come as no surprise that the Advent calendar refers to the season of Advent. These are the 4 Sundays before Christmas in Christianity. The season of Advent can therefore start on November 27, but also on December 3. Especially in Germany and Austria, but also in Scandinavian countries, you still regularly see Advent wreaths. That is a wreath with 4 large candles (and sometimes 24 small candles in between). In the period before Christmas, a candle is lit every week (or every day).

The advent of the Advent calendar has a very practical reason. In the period before Christmas, many children regularly asked their parents when it would be Christmas time. And adults also looked forward to Christmas. Combining the tradition of the Advent period with this way of counting down, calendars were created over 100 years ago. Chocolates were often hidden behind 24 shutters for the children to keep them sweet for a while.

More recently, several variants have appeared. In 2005, the first "December Calendar" scratch card appeared. This one has 31 squares instead of 24 but has the same principle. And nowadays you can not think of it that there is an advent calendar. Socks, perfume, sex toys and of course beer. There are also countless digital advent calendars. A number of companies are counting down to Christmas in this way. Look here for an overview of all beer Advent calendars that are now available.

We came across the first Beer Advent Calendar ourselves in 2012 in Germany. Since 2010, the Austrian beer shop Kalea has been making a Beer Advent Calendar. And they still sell them in different varieties. If you have come across a Beer Advent Calendar from before that time, we will adapt this paragraph with love.

Of course you can also make your own Advent calendar (with or without beer). To do this, buy 24 items and package and number them. Very nice to give to someone else who then also makes a calendar for you. An (empty) beer crate is suitable for this. There are also empty beer-advent boxes for sale that you can fill yourself. We also come across these online. It is even more fun to design an Advent box yourself and design it to your house style and personal branding.

Last year OnderNulPuntVijf released the first Alcohol-free Beer Advent Calendar. Because a customer brought us to this thought (thanks Kim) we were able to make some of you happy with this. It was a bit of cutting and pasting back then. This year OnderNulPuntVijf will present its first real branded advent calendar. Some of the beers in the calendar consist of our toppers from the shop. And some of the beers you can only get your hands on this way. If you bought it, it will come to you at the end of November and it will undoubtedly be a party.

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