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These are the 10 newest Mash Gangs!

If you say non-alcoholic craft beer, you say Mash Gang. This brewery from England has taken the non-alcoholic beer phenomenon to another level with their complex flavors and funky styles. Where sweet flavors dominated the previous "Cereal" line, they now come with slightly more traditional beer styles such as (West Coast) IPAs, White beers and lagers. But Mash Gang wouldn't be Mash Gang without some craziness too. We have listed the newcomers for you. Here they are!

1. Reign in Blood

A bold chocolate and vanilla stout with cherries, brewed in collaboration with Norwegian brewery Amundsen. Black Forest kirsch in a glass.

2. From Devastation to Bliss

A wheat beer with aromas of red berries and turkish delight and added rose petals and raspberry. No crazy colors this time, "just" a beautifully balanced hazy beer that exceeds four stars on Untappd, so that's promising.

3.South Central

A somewhat fruitier West Coast IPA with Citra, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops and added caramelized pineapple, dried lime and a hint of chilli.

4. Cheap Lager

Now it gets funky. This lager comes in different can designs, so it is a surprise which can you get. Mash Gang delivers a very accessible lager with no exotic hops and no fuss. Slightly cheaper than the other beers, but certainly not in taste.

5. Like Icarus

A white beer inspired by traditional Belgian white beer, but with a slightly different twist. Hoppy and super fresh due to the subtle addition of coriander and orange.

6. The Schoff

With this sour beer you spontaneously feel like summer. Brewed in collaboration with Vault city and packed with orange, lemon, grapefruit and grapes. A cross between a soda and beer. Sweet and sour. Let the sun come!

7. Natural History

A steady West Coast IPA from Mash Gang with Citra, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops and added grapefruit peels.

8. Gacha

This beer needs some explanation. A Gacha is a surprise game. Together with breweries Sarina Hyena, Northern Monk and Bevcraft, Mash Gang has brewed several beers and bundled them under this name: the Gacha. There are more than 100 different can designs that are all slightly different.

You don't know in advance which beer you will get (and neither do we). We can guarantee you that it will be fruity and colorful. Super fun to check in on Untappd and see which beer chose you ;)

9. Gary's Fizzy Army

Brewed together with Northern Monks for their famous Patrones Project, you know it's going to be fruity. This sour is packed with blueberries, cherries, pineapple and passion fruit, all combined for a super fresh, sour and fruity mouthfeel. Tarty for sure.

10. Birth

Can this be listed? We think so. Mash Gang, The Garden Brewery and Brulo have joined forces and released three great beers. The first one we could get our hands on was this one from The Garden Brewery from Croatia. Another high level West Coast IPA. We hope to be able to offer the other beers (Life and Death) as well very soon. Stay tuned.

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