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These are your favorite beers of 2022

Non-alcoholic beer is extremely popular, we all know that. But which beers have you ordered the most this year? For this Christmas edition, we delved into the statistics and investigated the most sold (and tastiest) beers of 2022. Can you guess which brewery is in the top ten no less than 4 times?

Guinness Draught - 0.0 % ABV

Untappd Score (worldwide): 3.1

Country: Ierland

Guinness 0.0 is at number 1 this year. You couldn't get enough of this beer! This Irish stout is packed with coffee and has a roasted taste that is almost identical to the taste of the variant with alcohol. If you're wondering what you hear when you shake the can, it's a "widget," a plastic ball filled with nitrogen that creates a creamy head.

2. La Trappe Nillis - 0.0% ABV

Untappd Score (worldwide): 3.1

Country: The Netherlands

At number two we find the La Trappe Nillis: the very first non-alcoholic Trappist beer. If you thought La Trappe was a Belgian beer, nothing could be further from the truth. This beer is "normally" brewed at the Koningshoeven brewery near Tilburg. It is a nice sweet amber beer that is not inferior to a delicious non-alcoholic autumn bock.

3. Brulo - 7 Grain Hop DDH IPA 0.0% ABV

Untappd Score (wereldwijd): 3.5

Country: Great Britain

This brewery used to be called Coast, but now they go through life under the name Brulo. This brewery only brews alcohol-free and you can taste that knowledge and expertise in all their beers. This IPA is hopped with seven hops and seven grains, giving the beer an extra fruity character.

4. Vandestreek - Playground IPA 0.5% ABV

Untappd Score (worldwide): 3.3

Country: The Netherlands

Vandestreek's Playground IPA is at number four. This is perhaps the most famous non-ipa in the Netherlands and can be ordered in many cafes. We believe this beer has made people think, "Gee, that non-alcoholic beer isn't so bad." And it certainly isn't. A delicious fruity IPA that is much less malty than many non-alcoholic factory lagers.

5. Brulo - Dry Hopped Stout 0.0% ABV

Untappd Score (worldwide): 3.3

Country: Great-Britain

Brulo's second beer in this top 10 and rightly so. This is not an IPA and not a stout. Or this is both. It is a dry hopped stout. A light body with a toasted taste as you are used to from a stout with notes of toffee and caramel. This makes it Brulo's first dark beer and, as far as we're concerned, not the last.

6. Brulo - Lust for life 0.0% ABV

Untappd Score (worldwide): 3.4

Country: Great-Britain

We will stay in the Brulo's for a while, because there is also an IPA from this brewery at number six. This Lust for life is double hopped. That gives a rich taste in the nose and is guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds. A real everyone's friend because it is bitter and yet fruity and, like all Brulo beers, completely 0.0 to enjoy carefree.

7. Brulo - Sabro Galexy 0.0% ABV

Untappd Score (world wide): 3.5

Country: Great-Britain

All good things must come to an end, including the Brulo's in this top ten. On number seven we again find a double hopped IPA from Brulo hopped with (the name says it all) Sabro hops. In order to taste this. be a connoisseur. If you are not a connoisseur, then this is just a wonderfully fresh IPA that you will enjoy a second time.

8. Thrive - Recovery IPA 0,5% ABV

Untappd Score (worldwide): 2.8

Country: Belgium

The first sports beer on this list can be found at number 8. This beer was developed by the University of Leuven and contains no less than 10 grams of protein. Perfect for recovering from sports or an evening where you've been drinking just a little too long. The Belgian cycling team swears by it and that is saying something.

9. Van Moll - Wanderlust 0.5% ABV

Untappd Score (worldwide): 3.2

Country: The Netherlands

At number eight is this Wanderlust from brewery van Moll from Eindhoven (the craziest!!). The city of innovation, and you can taste that in this great IPA. We are not surprised that there are many IPAs in this list. Due to the large dose of hops (compared to lagers), the beer is a bit bitter and not too sweet.

10. Lindeboom - Radler Cherry 0.0% ABV

Untappd Score (worldwide): 3.2

Country: The Netherlands

Finishing in last place is often not good, unless it is the top ten best-selling beers of 2022. This cherry radler from the Lindeboom brewery in Limburg is very similar to a kriek and has a very pleasant acidity. Tim, if you're reading this, maybe this beer made the list because of your efforts.

Even more promising beers in the spotlight

So that's it guys, what a great year with so many great new beers. If we can hold your attention for a while, we would like to share a few more beers with you that did not make it to this top ten, but were scored very high by Untappd users. For the skeptics: yes it is true that these (new) beers still have relatively few check-ins, but if the early adopters are so positive about your beer then you deserve to be in the spotlight with us.

Mash Gang - Stadium Craft 0,5% Country: Engeland Untappd Score worldwide: 3.9

Mash Gang - Rad Gold 0,5% Country: Engeland Untappd Score worldwide: 3.9

Mash Gang - Chug Gold 0,5% Country: Engeland Untappd Score worldwide: 3.8

Mash Gang - Anxiety Saint 0,5% Country: Engeland Untappd Score worldwide: 3.8

Lowtide - Simmer Down 0,5% Country: Engeland Untappd Score worldwide: 3.8

Galea - Holy Roasty 0,5%

Country: België

Untappd Score worldwide: 3.5

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