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Top 10 best alcoholfree beer brands in the world

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

No need to elaborate on the fact that the quality and taste of alcoholfree beer is getting better all the time and more and more people discover and appreciate this. Prove of that is all over our web shop. Here we focus on the alcoholfree only brewer. Although the total is still small, the number of brewers that only make alcoholfree beer is growing. These are the real frontmen and woman in striving to get better nonalcoholic beers out there.

Who are they?

We came up with a list of the best alcoholfree beer brewers in the world. Of course, we can discuss on who should and who shouldn’t be here. We sure want to hear your input and standpoint.

Starting with one of our personal favorites in the list is this contract brewer from Bath in the UK. Founded by Rob and Dave in Corona time they make great alcoholfree beers and have outspoken and hilarious can designs.

There best beer (until now) is their “Who let the bees Stout” which was al collabs with C84 Brew Co. Unfortunately, not available anymore.

9 Nirvana Brewery

Directly followed by another UK brand from East London is this great small brewer from East London. Where Ellen and her team is brewing her own beer with which she started when her dad was graving for a nice cold one, but wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol anymore. The result being a great line of vegan beers.

We fly over to the US West Coast to find Two Roots Brewing Co. Starting off with experimental brews (with cannabis as an ingredient) and slim cans, they now grew to be a grownup brewer with a nice range of high-quality beers. And, as the region demands of them, growing fast.

Staying at the land of the free we hop over to St. Louis where non-alcoholic Jeff Stevens founded this brewery in 2017. They are focusing on great quality beers and raise Wellbeing.

Their signature beer is the Victory Citrus Wheat where they put in extra Electrolytes. Which makes it a great sport recovery beer.

This new “kid” in town is from the north of Italy and produces high quality alcoholfree beer by using local ingredients. They now have two variations but will expand their range soon.

In the land of wine and spirits this is a bold move. But tasting the great beer and hearing the enthusiastic Maria telling her story this is bound to be a success.

Triathlete Stijn Panis was bold enough to bring out a range of Belgian style beers without the alcohol. 5 beer styles are on the menu now, amongst which an alcoholfree tripel, which is still unique in the world.

Since 2019 this brand is an unmissable part of the alcoholfree beer scene and bound to stay so for a long time.

The rebel in the alcoholfree beer scene is Mash Gang. A bunch of friends started brewing NOLO beers during the 1st lockdown and now they already delivered over a dozen different beers. All great quality and taste.

They are very active on social media and create a great buzz around their brand. You can’t miss these guys.

3 Zero Point

Yes! There is a Russian brewer in our list. Zero Point started an alcoholfree brewery in the heart of the land of vodka, and doing it the way Zero Point does, they must be in our top 10. Hopefully we can welcome them in our shop soon again.

UK’s best marketed and widely distributed alcoholfree beer is the beer from Rob Fink and James Kindred. Since 2016 the brew a wide range of prize-winning beers and the memorable collabs series with renowned brewers from different European countries.

And available literally all over the world, from Canada to Australia. These guys are going to be Big!

The number one in our list is Athletic Brewing from the US. Bill Shufelt and John Walker started this brewery in Stratford which was followed by a facility in San Diego. A brilliant move is their pilot program in which they produce and sell only a small number of cans of a new beer. Based on the response of the customers the beer becomes part of the core range or we won’t ever see it again.

Their beers are listed in the top of the best reviewed alcoholfree beers in the world.

A special shout out goes to BRULO. The Scottish brewer, formerly known as Coast, has a range of brilliant IPA, which are brewed by De Proef in Belgium. Their fabulous recipe of a 0.0 and vegan beer still amaze people of how an alcoholfree beer can taste. Their single hop series is a brilliant way to learn more about this essential ingredient of this magic drink.

And of course, we can’t end this blog without a shout out to the great brewers that make great alcoholfree beers, but don’t focus on this category. Just to name a few: Brewdog (UK and US), Untitled (US) vandeStreek (Netherlands), Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei (Germany) and Funky Fluid (Poland). And of course this list is much much longer. But perhaps we will mention them in a next blog.

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