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What types of non-alcoholic beer are there?

"Do you also have an non alcoholic Saison?" a beer sommelier recently asked me. I had to think very hard and then came to the conclusion that this is about the only beer that does not have an alcohol-free version.

For the rest, there is an alcohol-free counterpart for just about every type of beer. There is alcohol-free stout, alcohol-free porter, alcohol-free sour, alcohol-free tripel and of course alcohol-free IPA. The latter type is very common.

The most commonly consumed type of non-alcoholic beer is, it will not surprise you, pilsner or lager. It has a light and refreshing taste. It is often brewed using the same ingredients as regular lager, but the alcohol is removed during the brewing process. Non-alcoholic lager is a great choice for classic beer lovers who do not want to drink alcohol. In fact, the large commercial breweries always have an alcohol-free version of their lager.

Another popular choice is alcohol-free wheat beer. Wheat beer is known for its fruity and spicy taste. You will of course also find this in the alcohol-free variant. The beer is brewed with wheat, which provides a light and refreshing character. Then herbs, especially coriander and citrus peel, are added, giving the beer a fresh citrusy taste. Non-alcoholic wheat beer is an excellent choice for hot summer days.

The most common type of alcohol-free craft beer is the IPA . Many breweries use the extra hops in the beer for extra aroma and bitterness, so that an alcohol-free beer retains its original character. The hoppy taste ensures that you can drink a nice non-alcoholic beer without missing anything. Read more about the IPA in our other blog.

And as we started this piece, there are many more alcohol-free beer types. We like a nice sour from time to time and an alcohol-free fruit beer is also delicious, especially in the summer. In short, take a look through our different types and put together a nice package. Or let yourself be advised by Janine or Raoul. We are always there for you.

types of non-alcoholic beer

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